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26 Jan 2012
Hauling Road and Infrastructure PT. Gunung Bara Utama

No: GBU-C004/ HR-0112
Date: January 26 2012
Location: Melak, East Kalimantan 

PT. Gunung Bara Utama (GBU / Company) is intended to construct a houling road to connect the port to coal mine. The length of hauling road is approximately 60 Km which refers to document shown STA 00+000 up to STA 60+000.

The Project Site is situated between Ds Empakuq and S. Hulu Nyahing, in Kutai Barat, East Kalimantan, Indonesia and shown below for information.

Map of Project Location

Earthwork Construction

Original Ground Level Survey

Route Survey

Safety Talk

Safety Training

Survey to site

Large volume of Earthworks construction

Large volume of Earthworks construction

Earthworks Construction at STA 37+800
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